PACA Newsletters



Vol1No1 Introducing PACA - Cattle Bank plan - Webber School preservation program - Lorado Taft house


Vol2No1 UCDC Seminar - National Trust - Cattle Bank - Revolving Fund - Executive Director


Vol3No1 Rantoul's Little House -

Vol3No2 Historic Preservation Week - PACA annual meeting -

Vol3No3 Look Up Main St - Urbana Sesquicentennial - Round Barn

Vol3No4 Trolley -

Vol3No5 Annual meeting - Illinois Register - Heritage Award Program Established


Vol4No1 Lecture Series 'The Victorian House' - Preservation Week

Vol4No2 National Trust -

Vol4No3 Urbana High School - Kaufman Building - Christie Clinic - Downtown Champaign Survey

Vol4No4 Urbana Facade Design Program - 

Vol4No5 Christie Clinic - 

Vol4No6 Cattle Bank -


Vol5No1 Grand Prairie Friends - Architect in Residence Program

Vol5No2 Sim's House - Main St Revitalization - 1985 Illinois Preservation Conference

Vol5No3 How to Deal with Contractors and Architects - State Tax benefits

Vol5No4 Sims House - Prairie Conference - Hoopes-Cunningham mansion

Vol5No5 First annual PACA Heritage Award winners - Carle Pavilion - Solon House - Holy Cross Church - Wee-Haven - Illinois Traction Station - Clifford Mills

Vol5No6  Downtown Champaign (Christie expansion) - Greek Revival Cottage - 


Vol6No1 Stony Creek Bridge - Danville Grand Opera House - Railroad and Prairie preservation

Vol6No2 Preservation Week - National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 - 

Vol6No3 Lustron House - University building boom

Vol6No4 West Main St. Urbana - Campus survey - Lustron House pt II

Vol6No5 Greek Revival Cottage - Heritage Awards

Vol6No6 U of I Observatory - The Society for Commercial Archeology


Vol7No1 Sears Mail Order Houses -

Vol7No2 Landmarks of Democracy - Homer Illinois - Campbell Center for Historic Preservation

Vol7No3 Vermilion Academy - Barn Again project

Vol7No4 The Military Drill Hall (Kenny Gym Annex) -

Vol7No5 1988 Heritage Awards - 212 E University Ch - 305 N 2nd Tolono, Downtown Streetscape, Urbana - 1110 Davidson Dr, Ch - 710 W University, Ch - 301 W Oregon, Urbana - 604 E Elm, Urbana - Alpha Xi Sorority, Urbana - Masonic Temple Bldg, Urbana - Canaan Baptist Church, Urbana

Vol7No6 Mahomet Grade School



Vol8No1 Champaign Zoning study -

Vol8No2 Champaign Zoning study Part Two - Statewide Preservation Conference

Vol8No3 Holland Apts. Danville - Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois -

Vol8No4  Greek Revival Cottage wins Governor’s Hometown Award - PACA Garage Sale (before we had the warehouse) - Natural History Building -

Vol8No5  “Come to Quincy! and the Mississippi River Towns of Illinois” - 1988 Heritage Awards winners - Delmont Village, Urbana

Vol8No6  Cohen House - ‘The right to own property’ - Researching the history of your home


Vol9No1 Tax Checkoff for Illinois Preservation - National Building Museum -

Vol9No2  Preservation Week 1989 - Warehouse party - State Preservation Conference

Vol9No3  Orpheum Theater Endangered - Church tour - Financing restoration

Vol9No4  Orpheum preservation project - Inman Hotel - Cohen House move -

Vol9No5  Log House - National Register News - 1990 Heritage Awards Nominations -

Vol9No6  Mumford House -


Vol10No1  Urbana’s ornamental street lights - National Citizens Lobby for Historic Preservation

Vol10No2  Historic Preservation Week - 1990 Illinois Preservation Conference - Leal School Architectural Project - Orpheum update

Vol10No3  The Levi Wood House - America’s Heritage in Champaign County -

Vol10No4  Orpheum Preservation Project - Alpha XI Delta House

Vol10No5  1991 Heritage Awards nominations - Archaeological artifacts - Architectural terms

Vol10No6  William Springer building - Scott house move -


Vol11No1  Railroad Station -

Vol11No2  National Historic Preservation Week -

Vol11No3  Dana House - Orpheum update - Historic Barn

Vol11No4  Hazen Bridge acquisition - Channing Murray -

Vol11No5  UI Woodshed, endangered building - Aeronautical Lab B - Orpheum facade

Vol11No6  Stephen Forbes House -


Vol12No1  Virginia Theatre - Engineering Campus

Vol12No2  Urbana-Champaign Carpenters, Contractors, and Builders, 1850-1900 - Virginia Theatre

Vol12No3 Urbana-Champaign Carpenters, Contractors, and Builders, 1850-1900 - Kids Building Fair - Scott-Dallahon House

Vol12No4  Art Theater - Preservation Symposium - Patton Woods Nature Preserve

Vol12No5  Lead Paint Removal -

Vol12No6  Ivesdale


Vol13No1  Early Opera Houses - ISTEA and Preservation

Vol13No2  1993 Illiois Preservaton Conference - Illinois Theatre -

Vol13No3  University Presidents homes -

Vol13No4  University President’s homes PartII - Forbes House

Vol13No5  Clinging Plants and Historic Buildings - History in Postcards and History from the Heart -

Vol13No6  University Round Barns -


Vol14No1  Construction and Demolition Waste - Urbana’s Mixed Office Residential Zoning District

Vol14No2  Hazen Bridge National Register nomination - Heritage Grant Program begins

Vol14No3  Sandblasting primer - endangered building list -

Vol14No4  Homer Opera House - Orpheum, preservation success story - Forbes house update

Vol14No5  Society for the preservation of Greek housing -

Vol14No6  Artificial siding - Hoop Dreams, benefit - Preserving the recent past


Vol15No1 Salvage warehouse - The color doctor

Vol15No2  Preservation Week - Varsity Theatre -

Vol15No3  Forbes House - historic sidewalks

Vol15No4  Harris Mansion -

Vol15No5  Champaign’s Sesquicentennial Neighborhood -

Vol15No6  Smith Memorial Hall -


Vol16No2  Walker Opera House

Vol16No3  PACA purchases the Ricker House -

Vol16No4  Ater-Jaques House

Vol16No5  Ater-Jaques House part II

Vol16No6  Lincoln Building


Vol17No1 Salvage Warehouse

Vol17No2  Preservation Begins at Home - Ricker House Grant - Ater Jaques House - Cahokia

Vol17No3  Cohen Building

Vol17No4  Champaign’s Masonic Temple

Vol17No5  Champaign County Courthouse

Vol17No6  201 N Market St


Vol18No1  Levi Wood House Obituary - Salvage Warehouse FAQ

Vol18No2  Preservation Week

Vol18No3  Harwood Solon House - Carrie Busey home available for relocation

Vol18No4  Women’s Town Club -

Vol18No5 New Salvage Warehouse Purchased - Salem Baptist landmark

Vol18No6  Sagamore Building - Ricker House update


Vol19No1  1998 Salvage Report - Historic Barn tour

Vol19No2 Preservation Week 1999 - Pepsin factory

Vol19No3  Carrie Busy house lost - Ater Jacques house lost

Vol19No4  Thomas Franks House -

Vol19No5  Champaign County Sheriff’s Residence

Vol19No6  Champaign’s early street lights -


Vol20No1  1999 Salvage Report

Vol20No2  Preservation Week 2000 - 2000 Heritage Awards

Vol20No3  Heritage Grants - ArchiTreasures Winners - Urbana Designates Landmarks -

Vol20No4  National Preservation Conference 2000 - Villard Court -

Vol20No5  Ricker House Renovation

Vol20No6  Alpha Rho Chi


Vol21No1  Annual Salvage Report - Creative Uses of Architectural Salvage Items

Vol21No2  States 10 Most Endangered List - Preservation Week

Vol21No3 Gothic Revival Cottage - Urbana Preservation - Lead Paint Seminar - Sale of the Ricker House

Vol21No4 Lachlan Blair memorial - Lindley House

Vol21No5  Hazen Bridge Sign Dedication - PACA receives preservation award -

Vol21No6  Royer Historic District


Vol22No1  2002 Salvage Report

Vol22No2  Preservation Week - Top Ten endangered buildings

Vol22No3  Coca Cola Bottling Plant - Lead Paint Safety Workshop

Vol22No4  Sesquicentennial Neighborhood House Tour -

Vol22No5  Twentieth Anniversary Booklet - Lachlan Blair Scholarship -

Vol22No6 Bailey Rugg Building


Vol23No1 2003 Salvage Report - Historic Districts

Vol23No2  Preservation Week - Early American Museum -

Vol23No3-4  Kit and Precut homes -

Vol23No5 Historic Architecture and Archaeology Geographic Information System -

Vol23No6  National Register of Historic Places


Vol24No1 Tenth Annual Salvage Report -

Vol24No2 Clock Tower Restoration Project - Salvaging the Pepsin Building

Vol24No3 Taft’s Lincoln the Lawyer Statue - UIUC Sheep Barn

Vol24No4 Fall Cemetery Tour - Heritage Grants -

Vol24No5   Mount Hope Cemetery Tour

Vol24No6  U of I Sheep Barn


Vol25No1  11th Annual Salvage Report

Vol25No2  2005 Ten Most Endangered Historic Places List - 2005 Heritage Awards

Vol25No3  Homestead Preservation in Atwood - Funk Prairie Home

Vol25No4  Hurricane Katrina and Preserving Historic Buildings - Metal Window Workshhop

Vol25No5  Historic Schools The Endangered Heritage in Your Community

Vol25No6  Solon House donation - Historic Schools Part II


Vol26No1  Historic Schools

Vol26No2  U of I Beef Barn - PACA’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

Vol26No3  U of I Hillel Foundation - Clock Tower update - What is historic integrity?

Vol26No4 Busey-Evans Hall

Vol26No5  Historic West Urbana - Fall House Tour -

Vol26No6 Solon House Update - Stroll through Historic West Urbana (cont)


Vol27No1  2006 Salvage Report - Buena Vista Court -

Vol27No2  Making Preservation Work - Sidewalk Brick Project

Vol27No3  Historic Building Art Contest -

Vol27No4  Sears Barns

Vol27no5 Solon House Open House

Vol27No6  Simply Monumental - Historic Preservation Education


Vol28No1 2008 Salvage Synopsis - Local School Architecture

Vol28No2  NH Cohen’s Forgotten Urbana Post Office

Vol28No3  What used to be at . . . 931 Green St Urbana

Vol28No4  What used to be at . . . 712 N Neil. The St James Hotel

Vol28No5  Loss of the Bailey-Rugg Building.

Vol28No6  Christmas Fire of 1904 - Mumford House


Vol29No1  Mumford House

Vol29No2  The Truth About Windows - 2009 Heritage Awards - Volunteer Spotlight Elisabeth Jenicek

Vol29No3  Gothic Stone - 2009 Ten Most Endangered Places - Volunteer spotlight, Betty Swisher

Vol35Special Saving our Schools