Heritage Awards & Grants


Heritage Awards

The PACA Heritage Awards were established in 1985 to recognize outstanding projects and individuals who have contributed to historic preservation efforts in east-central Illinois. Nominations are sought year round, with a special effort in the fall. The Heritage Award Committee reviews the nominations and awards are presented at the PACA Annual Membership Meeting (spring).

Categories include specially noteworthy Residential and Commercial rehabilitation projects; Institutional (schools, churches, governments, etc.) projects that have kept the historic character of their buildings; conservation, educational, or restoration Landscape projects; and projects that have restored a Landmark building or site. Neighborhood Heritage Awards are given to rehabilitation projects that help stabilize a historic neighborhood or area, while Historically Respectful Design Awards are for additions or new construction that integrate well into the historic streetscape. Adaptive Use Awards are for projects that have converted a building to a new use while keeping its historic character; and Place in History Awards are for institutions that have continued to operate in a historic setting for 100 years or more. Special Heritage Awards are given to individuals or groups who have worked to preserve a special aspect of our heritage or who have advanced the cause of historic preservation in our community. Other awards are at the discretion of the Heritage Award Committee.

Heritage Grants

The Heritage Grant Program was established in 1994 as a way for PACA to fund community preservation projects. Each year a percentage of the previous year’s salvage proceeds are distributed. Eligible applicants are non-profit organizations, public institutions, recognized neighborhood associations, and public agencies based in Champaign County. Projects must involve preservation, conservation, and/or education related to history, architecture, or archaeology in Champaign County. Projects may fall into any of five categories: bricks and mortar, land acquisition/move, professional architectural feasibility study, preservation education, and interpretation.

Since its inception, over $81,000 has been distributed throughout Champaign County for qualifying preservation projects. Requests for Proposals are usually issued in February with a submittal deadline of May. Grants are awarded in June/July and must be used within one year. The program is a reimbursable grant – an invoice/statement for the expenditure must be submitted, along with a final report, before PACA will issue the grant check. Generally, numerous small grants to various organizations are awarded, rather than one large grant. See the list below for previous grant recipients.

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Past Heritage Awards