Grant Application


PACA Heritage Grant Program Request for Proposals

The PACA Heritage Grant Program was established in 1994 to contribute to other not-for-profit organizations in Champaign County which are in need of financial assistance for preservation and conservation-related projects. Specifically, Heritage Grants were established to share a portion of the proceeds from the PACA Salvage Warehouse with the community. A large part of PACA’s annual budget is derived from the sale of historic building materials and furnishings which are salvaged by volunteers throughout the year and sold at the Salvage Warehouse. As these materials are donated to PACA, with the assistance of our volunteer labor, we want to distribute some of these profits in support other non-profit projects in the community.

A percentage of Salvage Warehouse profits is committed to the Heritage Grant Program. Grant proposals are reviewed by the PACA Board of Directors and, at the Board’s discretion, the grant award money can be divided among numerous projects or given to one specific project. Typically, however, there have been multiple awards given. Grants expire after one year, but may be reapplied for if the project takes longer to complete.

For 2013 the total grant amount anticipated for all projects is yet to be determined.

Eligible applicants are non-profit organizations, public institutions, recognized neighborhood associations, and public agencies based in Champaign County.

Projects must involve preservation, conservation, and/or education related to history, architecture, or archaeology in Champaign County.

Projects may fall into any of five categories: bricks and mortar, land acquisition/move, professional architectural feasibility study, preservation education, and interpretation.

Evaluation Considerations
* Impact of the project
* Affect the grant will have in accomplishing the project
* Need for financial assistance
* Site visit or interview with requesting organization’s representative may be required

Judging and Announcement
The application deadline for the Heritage Grants Program is June 30, 2013. Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors of the Preservation and Conservation Association in late May with site visits or interviews to be arranged shortly after that. A final decision will be made at a PACA Board meeting in June with applicants being notified thereafter. Formal announcement of the recipient(s) will be made by PACA.

Funds shall be expended within one year.

Final disbursement of funds will be made after project completion and upon receipt of an invoice or other documentation.

A Letter of Agreement may be required between the Preservation and Conservation Association and the grant recipient.

A Final Report detailing the project will be required.


A copy of the organization’s total operating budget must be submitted

(A short final report on how the funds were expended is required.)

Additional information pertinent to this project may be submitted. If you have any questions, please call 359-PACA.

Return application to: Preservation & Conservation Association, P.O. Box 2575, Station A, Champaign, IL 61825.