Heritage Awards, 2010-present


2010 Awards

Residential Heritage Awards:
Johnny Fallon
507 W Park Ave
Champaign, Il 61820

Tom and Suisa Olmsted
838 7th St
Charleston, IL 61920

Brian & Kathy Bushley
2767 County Road
Rantoul, IL 61866

Debbie Auble
71 Greencroft
Champaign, IL 61821

Hoopeston Mills Cabinetry
Alan Oakley’s Tiling

Historic Respectful Addition Award:
Janice Juraska
607 N State St
Champaign, IL 61820

Russ Dankert, architect
RDI Construction

Adaptive Use Heritage Award
Klose Knit
311 W Springfield Ave
Urbana IL 61801

Bridgette Pieke

Commercial Heritage Award:
Blind Pig Brewery
120 N Neil St
Champaign, IL 61820
Chris Knight
Bill Morgan, Brew Master

Wilmer Otto
107 E Main St
Arcola, IL 61910

Studio Helix
324 N Neil St
Champaign, IL 61820

Laura Kalman

Landmark Heritage Award:
Orpheum Children’s Science Museum
Auditorium Restoration
326 N Neil St
Champaign, IL 61820

New Prairie Construction

Wesley Romine Painting

Champaign County Courthouse

Clock Tower Reconstruction
101 E Main St
Urbana IL 61801

Bruce Hannon

Steven Beckett

Harold and Patricia Jensen

Roessler Construction Company

Brad Klein – White & Borgononi Architecture

Place in History Heritage Award:

Bondville Methodist Church – 100 year centennial of church building
100 W Chestnut St
Bondville, IL 61815

Neighborhood Heritage Award:
Buena Vista Court Residents
Restoration of Historic Entry Arch
Buena Vista Court
600 Block Springfield Ave
Urbana IL 61801

Tracy Satterwaite & Bob Pearse
602 E High St
Urbana IL 61801

“Great Unveiling” Siding Removal
303 W High St
Urbana IL 61801

John Cronan
Urbana Community Development Department
Urbana Historic Preservation Commission
Norman Baxley
508 W Elm St
Urbana IL 61801

Special Heritage Award:
Mark Chenail, historic building research and volunteer
Jerry Schmidt, retiring PACA board member

2011 Awards

Residential Heritage Awards:
Jeff & Grace Harshbarger
1484 E 325 North Road
Atwood, IL

Cler Construction, Penfield
B.R. Mast Concrete, Arthur
Illini FS/ Dennie Mangers
Hoveln Heating & Cooling

James & Lorene Bier
3206 S First
Champaign, IL
Jim Replinger, architect

New Prairie Construction
Scott Santeler & Corrie Proksa
1007 Douglas
Urbana, IL 61801
Kevin Fahey, architect

New Prairie Construction
Wesley Romine Painting
Chad Ebbert
701 W Park Ave
Champaign, IL 61820

Tamara Chaplin
209 W California Ave
Urbana IL 61801

Adrienne Bauer
Spencer Vonderheide
Lee Stoop

Institutional Awards Heritage Awards:

University YMCA
1001 S Wright St
Champaign, IL 61820
Mike Doyle, Director
Betty Earle, Director of Operations

BLDD Architects (Justin Placek)
Commercial Builders Inc.
Maple-Vine area, Champaign
Michael Markstahler
Barbara Oehlschlaeger-Garvey
Barbara Horne
Kevin Brumback

Lifetime Achievement Heritage Awards:
Steve Hesselschwerdt
6 Paradise Lane
White Heath, IL

David Monk
115 N Market St
Champaign, IL

Bob Swisher
807 S Cottage Grove
Urbana, IL

2012 Awards

Institutional Heritage Award:
College of Applied Life Sciences
University of Illinois
North Addition to Huff Hall

Residential Heritage Award:
Chris Knight
615 W University

Trent Shepard
601 W Oregon

Peter Resnick
503 W Indiana

Lee Stoops
604 S Poplar

Commercial Heritage Awards:
Haley/Walker/Ginza redevelopment
315 W University

Weiss Lancaster
625, 627, 629 E Green St

Bruce Hink

Matt Mortenson
100 North Axel St, Milford
Colleen Reed

Streetscaping Heritage Award:
Homer Brick Street Project
Ray Cunningham
Lynn & John St and Elm & John St
Nancy Taylor
Alex Hoggie

Preservation Advocacy Heritage Award:
100 most important historic sites in Urbana
Urbana Historic Preservation Commission
City of Urbana Community Development and Planning Division
University Laboratory High School

volunteer work at the Champaign County Historic Museum
Joseph Royer book

Brian Adams

Landmark Heritage Award:
104 North Central Ave
Eli Halberstadt House
Norm Baxley owner

Retiring board members:
Kathy Reeves
Brian Duffield

2013 Awards

Residential Heritage Awards:
Dickson Farmstead
2702 N 1500E Mahomet

Katie Kenney and Michael Vogel
New Prairie Construction

Smith-Russel house
801 W Indiana Ave

Louise Kuhny
Andrew Fells architect
Wells & Wells Construction
Curt Hobaugh of Mid American Nursery

Ken Wooten of Wooten Historic Revivals
Alfred Phillips house
404 N Melvin
Gibson City

Dough and Lucinda Lee
Neighborhood Heritage Award
401-403 W Green St, Urbana
Bohdan Rudawski

Respectful Addition Heritage Award
404 E Washington, Urbana

Mary Stuart
Kevin Fahey

New Prairie Construction
Halfar Masonry
305 W Michigan, Urbana

Rhanor and Martha Gillette

Doug Milburn
New Prairie Construction

Halfar Masonry

Megan Gillette

Institutional Heritage Award
Illinois National Guard Readiness Center
Urbana Armory
600 E University Ave
Urbana IL

Illinois Dept of Military Affairs
Bailey Edwards Design
Felmly Dickerson General Contractors
Illinois Capital Development Board

Lincoln Hall
702 S Wright
Urbana IL
University of Illinois

Bailey Edwards Design
Cannon Design
Williams Bros Construction
Illinois Capital Development Board

Commercial Heritage Awards
Blue Line Building
802-4 N Neil

Jeff Melander
Smith/Burgett Architects

MSA Engineering
Urbana Landmark Hotel
209 S Broadway

Xiao Jin Yuan

Guy Hampel architect
City of Urbana Community Development
McKinley Fitness Center, Carriage House Restoration
500 W Church St

Leon Jeske

Preservation Advocacy Heritage Award
Modern Urbana Home Tour 2012
Allison Warren UI School of Architecture

Rebecca Bird City of Urbana
100 N Axel Milford

Colleen Reed

Clyde and Judy Simpson

T.J. Blakeman – Champaign History Blog

2014 Awards 

Location: Community United Church, 805 South 6th Street, Champaign

Date: Sunday April 6 2-4 (Reserved)

Residential Heritage Awards (6)

(1) 103 N Henson, Villa Grove. The largest and oldest house in Villa Grove

(2) 512 South McCullough, Urbana, House rebuilt inside out. Back to single family

(3) 501 E Scott Street Tuscola.  Bruce and Cathy Barnard. 549 1617

(4) 802 South Vine, Urbana IL Gina Pagliuso and Jeanie Covert

(5) 609 West Indiana, Urbana, Replacement Garage

(6) 320 East Locust, Bloomington, Darrell and Linda Foste

Neighborhood Heritage Award (1)

(7) 609 N Randolph, 111 W Vine, Champaign, Michael Markstahler

Place in History Award (4)

(8) Art Theater, Champaign 100th anniversary

(9) Penfield Log Cabin Restoration

(10) Mount Vernon United Methodist Church, 2201 Ct Rd 900E Champaign (Kathy) Note we gave them an award in 2000 for 125th anniversary) Major renovation completed in 2012

(11) Thomasboro Fire Museum Honors the vision a man who honors the legacy of fire protection in a small town. The collection includes a fire truck.

Landmark Heritage Award (1)

(12) Renovation of the Virginia Theater, Champaign completed in 2013

Sustainability Heritage Award (1)

(13)Relocation of Cruse Barn. To UI and Trillium Timber frame

Lifetime Achievement Awards (2)

(14, 15) Rebecca Bird and Robert Myers Urbana City Planners who were strong advocates from preservation in the city of Urbana. Both left the city in November 2013.

2015 Awards

Heritage Awards:
703 W Delaware
Urbana, IL

Francis and John Newman
New Prairie Construction
703 N State
Champaign, IL

Charles Segard
New Prairie Construction
1012 W University
Champaign, IL

Kathryn Bock David Irwin

David Seylor construction

Kevin Fahey artchitect

Ray Lytle drawings
515 N Hickory
Champaign, IL

Andrew Fell
Wells & Wells Construction

JT Walker – Champaign Brewing Company
401 E Main St
Mahomet, IL

Justin Walker

Miller Construction

Sidney Community Library
221 S David St
Sidney, IL
Sidney Community Library Board
Karen Edwards architect
Ann Johnson grants
Wally Hoffman construction

Boneyard Improvement Project
City of Urbana
Brad Bennett – project manager
WENK landscape design
HNTB and Foth engineering

Beth Reineke construction engineering
Jack Mackie public art
Laural Prussing mayor

Inman Place
17 E University Ave
Champaign, IL

Orpheum Children’s Science Museum
346 N Neil St

Edison Middle School
306 W Green
Champaign IL

Urbana High School
1002 S Race St
Urbana IL

Gregory James Pasley author
Diggin’ up Bones Vol 1

Sarah Nemeth – retiring board member