2017 Heritage Awards


The PACA Heritage Awards were established in 1985 to recognize outstanding projects and individuals who have contributed to historic preservation efforts in east-central Illinois.  The presentation of PACA Heritage Awards will be held at the Annual PACA Membership Meeting Sunday, April 9th, from 2-4 pm at the Christian Science Church, 602 West Church Street, Champaign.

PACA is accepting nomination for building or restoration projects that include especially noteworthy residential and commercial rehabilitation projects; Institutional (schools, churches, governments, etc.) projects that have kept the historic character of their buildings; and projects that have restored a Landmark building or site.  We want to recognize neighborhood rehabilitation projects that help stabilize a historic neighborhood, and projects where someone has added to a building while keeping its historic character as well. We also seek to recognize individuals or groups who have worked to preserve a special aspect of our heritage or who have advanced the cause of historic preservation in our community.

The deadline for award nominations is March 1st. The nomination form can be downloaded here (heritage awards) and it is also available at the PACA warehouse, 44 East Washington St. in Champaign.

Please mail submissions to: Preservation and Conservation Association, PO Box 2575, Champaign, IL. 61825