Buildings Lost


The loss of important buildings leaves holes in the community which can never be filled. These buildings are lost for a variety of reasons: property owner neglect, short sighted development plans, or a lack of understanding about the financial viability of building reuse. Many are able to be saved simply by rethinking the way in which we choose to use these buildings. Cities all over the nation are finally beginning to realize there is a different way to continue to grow and develop without destroying important parts along the way. Unfortunately, the list of lost buildings in the region grows longer every year.

PACA tries to document buildings being demolished so they are not forgotten. While this list is by no means complete, we hope it can be a reminder of some of the history which is already lost. PACA newsletters are also an excellent resource. The newsletters are currently being digitized by the Champaign County Historical Archives and will be available in a searchable database.

  • Ater-Jaques House
  • Bailey-Rugg Building
  • Burnham Hospital
  • Joseph Busey House (c. 1885-1998)
  • Champaign County Farm Round Barn (1913-1983)
  • Hillel Foundation (1951-2006)
  • Newman House
  • Poultry Supervisor’s Residence
  • Presby House (1906-2007)
  • Sheriff’s Residence and Jail
  • Levi Wood House