Buildings Saved

Although historic preservation often seems to be an uphill battle, there have been many success stories over the past twenty-seven years of PACA’s history. Many significant structures would have been lost without the efforts of PACA and members of the local community. Here are some examples of buildings which have been saved by PACA through the dedication and hard work of many people from our community.

Many individuals have worked to turn the tide of development in our community. Commercial buildings were abandoned for years due to the lack of insight and effort of their owners and were nearly lost to neglect. Many have only been restored by the efforts of a new business owner. Older apartment houses, which are often deeply neglected in our community, are once again finding life by the restoration efforts of new owners who see the beauty and financial viability of these charming old buildings. The University of Illinois now has an officially adopted Preservation Plan (although often ignored), and a preservation ethic has slowly been instilled in some of the administrators as well as the operations and maintenance staff. They have begun renovating some of the older buildings on campus instead of razing them as was so popular not many years ago.