Champaign County


Champaign County Historic Preservation Programs

Currently, Champaign County does not have a county preservation ordinance. However, a number of buildings and sites in Champaign County are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Another federal program for documenting historic properties is the Historic American Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER). HABS/HAER maintains records of America’s built environment. The collection is contained in drawings, photographs, and written histories for more than 35,000 historic structures and sites dating from pre-Columbian times to the twentieth century. On-line records are available. Some Champaign County properties that are documented in HABS/HAER include the Phillips House, Blackberry School, Chanute Air Force Base, Penfield Elevators, Hazen Bridge, and the Homer Covered Bridge.

Champaign County Historic Properties

The following is a list of Champaign County buildings and sites listed in the National Register. Copies of the nominations can be found in the PACA Library at the Architectural Salvage Warehouse or on-line at the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency’s website under Preservation Services, HAARGUS, property search by National Register, County.

  • Hazen Bridge, 1893
  • Mahomet Graded School, 1907
  • Chanute Field Historic District, 1938-41