Urbana Programs


The City of Urbana’s Historic Preservation program includes designation as a Historic Landmark or Historic District. For information about how to nominate a property for listing, see the Urbana Historic Preservation Ordinance.

Nominations are reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission, which holds a public hearing on the nomination. If accepted, the Preservation Commission lists buildings that have owner consent. However, nominations with owner objection are sent to the City Council, which makes the final determination for listing.

Urbana’s Historic Preservation Commission also issues Certificates of Appropriateness for changes to the exterior of a landmarked building. The Historic Preservation Commission meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in the City Council Chambers. All meetings are open to the public and many are televised.

Urbana Historic Property Listings

The following is a list of Local Landmarks and National Register-listed properties in the City of Urbana. Copies of the local nominations can be found in the Planning Department, City of Urbana or in the PACA Library at the Architectural Salvage Warehouse. National Register nominations can be found on-line at the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency’s website under Preservation Services, HAARGUS, property search by National Register, City.

  • Alpha Delta Pi Sorority House, 1926
  • Alpha Xi Delta Sorority House, 1914
  • Ater-Jaques House, c. 1857
  • Clark R. Griggs House, 1871
  • Buena Vista Historic District/Elm Street Court, 1925
  • Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House, 1910/1927
  • Greek Revival Cottage, c. 1852
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity (Sorority) House, 1928
  • Lincoln Statue, 1927
  • Nathan C. Ricker House, 1892
  • Phi Mu Sorority House, 1928
  • Unitarian Church of Urbana/Channing Murray Foundation, 1908
  • Lincoln Square Mall, 1963, & Urbana Lincoln Hotel, 1923
  • Busey’s Hall/Princess Theater, 1870
  • Freeman House, 1902
  • Gothic Revival Cottage, ca. 1850s
  • Joseph Royer Historic District, 1905/1923
  • Lindley House, 1895
  • West Main Street Historic District
  • Sutton House, 1889
  • Tiernan’s Block/Masonic Temple, 1871