PACA Library


The PACA Resource Library is located in the office area of the Salvage Warehouse, 44 East Washington, Champaign.  It is open during regular salvage warehouse hours.

The library contains resource materials on a variety of subjects.  The following information is available:


  • Downtown Champaign Survey forms (1984, with updates)
  • University of Illinois Campus Survey forms (1985, updated, 2008)
  • Residential West Urbana Survey forms (1985, being processed)

Local Landmarks

PACA has copies of all local (Champaign and Urbana) landmark nominations and requests for Certificates of Appropriateness. Some of these landmarks are featured on our site.

National Register of Historic Places

PACA has copies of the nominations for Champaign County buildings listed on the NRHP.

Our web site features many cherished historical properties in our community. Some are saved, others have been lost or are at risk.

Illinois Historic American Building Survey

PACA has copies of most of the IHABS building documentation.

Restoration/Rehabilitation Resources

Reference material for restoration or rehabilitation is available from PACA.  Materials include issues of Old House Journal (a complete run), Old House Interiors (a complete run) and This Old House (nearly a complete run).  Vertical files contain information on companies and resources for specific items (columns, hardware, plumbing/lighting fixtures, etc.)

PACA also has other reference material on historic paint colors, architectural styles, and masonry repair.