Not every building can be saved. Through neglect and damage some buildings are no longer structurally sound and must be demolished, however PACA does believe that materials from these structures should be recycled whenever possible. Recycled materials reduce landfill waste and allow pieces of old buildings to continue to serve a useful purpose. Many of the architectural items in these buildings are difficult to reproduce, even at a high cost, and can very safely and easily be removed before demolition.

PACA’s trained staff of volunteers work in teams to remove useable items from buildings and offer them for sale at our warehouse for a very reasonable price. Although salvage was done by PACA volunteers from the association’s beginning, the PACA salvage program began in earnest in 1983. The first warehouse was a rented building on East University Avenue, Champaign, where it remained until 1999. Since then, PACA’s warehouse has been in its new permanent home at 44 East Washington Street in downtown Champaign. The warehouse boasts over 5000 square feet of space full of every type of architectural artifact. Supplying historic structures in Champaign County.

PACA relies on notification from building owners, demolition contractors, or city officials about the impending demolition of buildings and historic structures. Many people who are about to have a building demolished do not realize that, although the building cannot be saved, there may be useful building material that can be salvaged, regardless of the condition or age of the building. PACA has a defined process for accomplishing building salvage. This includes adherence to OSHA safety guidelines and strict access control of salvage sites. PACA is insured for damage to property or injury to individuals at salvage sites. Incentives for individuals/businesses who allow the salvage of their buildings before demolition include:

  •  reduced waste disposal fees,
  • diversion of waste from landfills,
  • supporting principles of green building,
  • a tax deduction (to the extent allowable by law) for the donation of the items recovered,
  • the security provided to the site during the removal of items,
  • fast, efficient, trouble-free removal at your convenience,
  • liability insurance,
  • a huge thank you from the greater PACA membership, and
  • the very kind words about you that are often retold by PACA members.

It is often possible for Fire and Rescue organizations to use buildings for rescue training and burns even after they have been salvaged. PACA will assist with this by ensuring that windows and doorways are sealed. Please consider contacting us if you are about to redevelop a site.

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